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Don't settle for generic packaging.

Standard Bag is a 2nd generation family run company headquartered in Oregon. We manufacture multiwall and wovenpoly laminated sacks for a diverse set of long-standing customers across multiple industries and markets. Our philosophy and success has been built on our speed, flexibility, and knowledge to help elevate our customers and their brands. Don’t settle for partners who seek to rely on generic solutions. Your problems are not generic, and neither should be your packaging.

From industrials to food grade, we've got a bag that will suit your needs.



Tough, economical, and easy to open.


Extremely durable and strong.


High quality print, waterproof, and lightweight.


Ideal for dry products with varying densities.


Optimal for dry dairy and food products.


Efficient for storing dry products and flowable material in bulk.
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Our Products

Our tried and trued products are all custom manufactured to overdeliver on the expectations of our customers. From the proper bag size, to optimal film gauge or paper basis weight, to bulk density, we are devoted to ensuring that you have the right bag for your products.

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Our Capabilities

Our singular focus is to allow our customers to spend more time on growing their business instead of worrying about their packaging – ultimately, operating with less risk and less stress. Continual investment in our manufacturing equipment as well as a undying dedication to service runs deep in our company’s DNA.​

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Our Markets

From our customers in the flour mills, to those in the dairy powder drying plants, to our friends producing animal feed, our sales and customer service teams are eager to provide packaging recommendations across a range of disciplines and industries.

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Our Company

Since 1985, our people have made the difference for our company and our customers. We are a family of bag makers who take pride in the products we manufacturer and the positive impact we can have in our customers' brands. 

Food Safety & Certifications

All our plants are proud to be certified across the AIB, FSC, MBE, and PSSMA standards. We’re committed to providing continuous improvement in food safety managements systems to ensure confidence in the delivery of customers' brands  and products.

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