Pinch Bottom Open Mouth

Ideal for dry products with varying densities.


  • Face: 9-23 in.​
  • Gusset: 2-7 in.​
  • Length: 20-50 in.​
  • Weight capacity: 10-50 lbs​
  • Closure: stepped-end heat sealed or easy open sewn​
  • Construction: up to 4 multiwall paper plies plus the option of a poly liner​
  • Printing: 8 colors


  • Top or bottom ends can be flush cut for a sewn top or stepped for a foldable end with pre-applied hotmelt to reheat and seal for a hybrid SOM/PBOM bag design.​
  • High performance multiwall paper for additional strength and stretch.​
  • High barrier film options available for extra moisture or grease protection and extended shelf life.​
  • Over-all perforations on any ply for additional airflow​
  • Anti-skid​
  • Food grade metal detection


  • Gussets and folded over ends allow for print areas on the top and bottom sections of the bag for branding artwork while the bags are packed and lying flat after being palletized ​
  • Flat bottoms and tops offer easy and stable palletization​
  • Ideal for automatic packing equipment


  • A gusseted bag that is closed on one end by folding over a stepped-end with pre-applied hotmelt adhesive​
  • Customer fills and seals by reactivating pre-applied hotmelt adhesive to close​
  • Hotmelt adhesive closure extremely effective against product sifting, providing a strong seal for smaller, finer, and denser products​
  • Typically packed and closed on automated equipment

Pinch Bottom Open Mouth

Market Applications

Grain &




Ingredients &


Rice, Salt, Sugar


Industrials &


High Performance Barriers, Films, and Coatings Options

Coextruded films

Monolayer films


3, 5, 7-layer constructions

Specialty films

XF, Nylon, Foil


HDPE, UV Varnish, Anti-skid, Matte finishing

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