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We partner alongside our customers to develop an extensive array of tailored packaging solutions. The result of this collaborative effort is products with unparalleled quality that have allowed us to exceed our customers’ expectations for dependability, reliability, and consistency as their packaging supplier. For over 35 years, we've ensured that our commitment and attention to detail – down to the smallest cut – is never compromised. Our secret? We manage our entire manufacturing process, train a dedicated team, source the best raw material components, and run state-of-the art, clean equipment to provide the best quality packaging at an affordable value.

Tough, economical, and easy to open.

Extremely durable and strong.

High Quality print, weatherproof, and lightweight.


Ideal for dried products with varying densities.

Optimal for dry dairy and food products.

Great for storing dry, flowable materials in bulk.


Add custom barriers and films to your packaging for increased protection

Leveraging our knowledge on next-gen polymer technologies and resin substrates, our team can recommend additional films in your bag to achieve the required MVTR, OTR, fat, shelf-life or moisture barrier specification that your products require.

High Performance Barriers, Films, and Coatings Options

Coextruded films

Monolayer films


3, 5, 7-layer constructions

Specialty films

XF, Nylon, Foil


HDPE, UV Varnish, Anti-skid, Matte finishing

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