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Block Bottom Open Mouth

Optimal for dry dairy and food products

  • Overview
    Commonly referred to as “Bulk” or “Tote” bags, ideal for moving large quantities of a dry, flowable product.​ Designed and built for optimal loading and handling efficiency to safely transport a full range of materials from the heaviest to the most fragile.​ Heights based upon how much product needs to be placed into the bag.​ Made with static dissipative fabric.​ We import and inventory FIBC bags directly in our own facilities to provide just-in-time delivery throughout the U.S.
  • Advantages
    Perfect for storing and transporting dry, flowable products.​ Efficiently replaces entire pallet of small paper or poly bags.​ Resistant to punctures, tears, leaks, breaks and other damage.​ Independent laboratories test our FIBC bags for physical strength, drop and tear resistance, load validation, UV degradation and more, before signing off on the quality and safety.
  • Specs
    Construction: 4-panel, U-panel, baffle or tubular bag​ Sizes: 500 kg to 1,500 kg​ Heights: 20-88 in.​ Printing: 4 colors
  • Options
    Styles: 4-panel, U-panel, baffle, circular/tubular​ Top features: fill spout, cone, duffel or open top​ Bottom features: discharge chute, discharge chute with flap or a solid bottom ​ Variety of handle options for convenient filling, transport, and emptying​ Static dissipative: Type A, B, C, D and Crohmiq Blue​ UV protection​ Sift-proofing​ Tabbed and form-fit liners​ Single-use or multiple-use​ UN Certification – 6:1 Safety Factor

Block Bottom Open Mouth

Market Applications

Grain &




Ingredients &



High Performance Barriers, Films, and Coatings Options

Coextruded films

Monolayer films


3, 5, 7-layer constructions

Specialty films

XF, Nylon, Foil


HDPE, UV Varnish, Anti-skid, Matte finishing

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