Block Bottom Open Mouth

Optimal for dry dairy and food products


  • Face: 19-23 in.​
  • Gusset: NA
  • Length: 20-50 inches​
  • Weight capacity: 25-50 lbs​
  • Closure: stepped-end heat sealed (like PBOM bags) or easy open sewn​
  • Construction: up to 4 multiwall paper plies plus the option of a poly liner​
  • Printing: 8 colors


  • Venting options available for inner poly liner to allow for air evacuation while protecting product.​
  • High performance multiwall paper for additional strength and stretch.​
  • High barrier film options available for extra moisture or grease protection and extended shelf life.​
  • Optional poly liner for additional barrier protection designed as a removable tube or fully laminated in various gauges and moisture barrier specifications. ​
  • Over-all perforations on any ply for additional airflow.​
  • Anti-skid.​
  • Food grade metal detection.


  • Hermetically heat-sealed to extend shelf-life.​
  • Block Bottom provides for stable palletization.​
  • Sift-free sanitation and sift-proof packaging.​
  • Bottom of the sack resembles a "block" which allows for the bag to stably sit up after filling, ideal for automatic packing lines, stable palletization, and load stability.​
  • Bag components can be separated and recycled individually.​
  • Printable flat bottom.


  • Most complex and advanced bag engineered specifically for clean room applications and products that require a longer shelf-life.​
  • Designed with no gussets and feature either an open stepped-end with pre-applied hotmelt adhesive (like PBOM bags) or a flush cut for easy-open sewn closure.​
  • Typically constructed with a high-performance inner poly tube for a bag-in-bag construction that can be removed or be fully laminated to enhance barrier properties and to enable heat sealing for an air-tight closure.​
  • Outer multiwall layers provide protection for the inner poly tube directly packaging the product, which can be removed and used within a clean room environment.​
  • Perfect design for exporting product.

Block Bottom Open Mouth

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