Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP)

High quality print, weatherproof, and lightweight


  • Face: 9-23 in.​
  • Gusset: 0-7 in.​
  • Length: 20-50 inches​
  • Weight capacity: 10-50 lbs​
  • Closure: easy open sewn​
  • Construction: one ply of wovenpoly laminated to BOPP film​
  • Printing: 10 colors


  • Back seam or tubular design​
  • Handles in different colors​
  • Rainbow selection of colors to choose for tape, zip tape, and thread​
  • Offset gussets​
  • Over-all perforations for additional airflow


  • Printing on BOPP film provides ability to showcase high quality graphics​
  • Reverse printing on BOPP film provides a scratch and moisture resistant surface which makes it easy to wipe down and to clean off liquid, dust, or dirt​
  • Easy open via a single pull thread​
  • Extremely strong: The tear and puncture resistance and high-impact strength of wovenpoly minimizes lost revenue due to bag breakage, tears, water damage, or spillage


  • Made in the same SOM style and construction as WPP bags, except the outer layer consists of a clear BOPP film instead of kraft paper laminated to wovenpoly​
  • Ideally suited for retail shelves that need stunning, sharp graphics to showcase and market brands

Market Applications

Feed &


Rice, Salt, Sugar

Lawn &


Industrials &


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