Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP)

High quality print, weatherproof, and lightweight

Can we put the same logo on our staff shirts and water bottles?

The short answer is usually. Due to some technical issues having to do with decorating methods and imprint area limitations, it is occasionally necessary to modify the logo in some way. Many businesses and organizations typically have more than one layout, sometimes referred to as vertical and horizontal layouts. We’re always happy to cover these details with you.

Can you ship some of our order to our show and some to our office?

For sure. We do these frequently as it provides an opportunity for you to benefit form better pricing due to large quantity ordering.

What kind of product should we give to our team for our summer picnic?

Depending on your budget, seasonal themed products that are typically related to outdoor living such as beach products, BBQ products, coolers and towels make for great gifts and are always appreciated by the recipients.

Can you help us include a personalized note to our team members with their gift?

Yes, depending on the gift and delivery method, either custom notes and/or generic wishes can be included for a small additional charge.

We’re expecting a large attendance at the convention where we are exhibiting, what is the least expensive food item we can take with us to our show?

Individually packaged mints, chocolates and hard candies are always crowd pleasers. Themed foods are also always a big hit.

We want to order some special hats, can you help?

WE LOVE HATS! Let us know what you think you’d like in a hat and we will go to work. We’ve got decades of experience and the options and features are seemingly endless.

We have a bunch of employees retiring this year. Can you help us find an appropriate gift for $100 or so?

Absolutely, simply give us a call or send a note. There are countless great products out there for long serving and dedicated staff.

How much does a very nice printed beach towel cost?

Printed beach towels are available for less than $10 but it is important to remember that the better towels that cost a bit more or well worth the money as recipients will hold onto them for years and years.

Can we get Under Armour and other popular brands from BlueStar?

YES, we distribute products from all of the leading brands. Simply ask and we’ll be happy to guide you to the best brands and values available.

How much do we need to budget for a good logo umbrella?

Umbrellas are an awesome promotional product as many people do not think to purchase them. Look around and you’ll notice that most umbrellas used have a logo/brand on at least one panel. A good umbrella decorated with your logo or brand can be cost less than $10.

We have many customers with babies and young kids. Can you help us with logo tee shirts in those sizes?

Certainly. These shirts are worth every penny you spend and time it takes to give or send.

My question, idea, or comment isn’t listed. How can I reach you?

We’d love to hear from you! Click here to reach us by email. Or call us at 215 886-4002.

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