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Functional expertise across multiple industries

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Custom packaging for a variety of markets

We serve our clients with an uncompromising standard for safety, cost, and knowledge. From food processing, to industrial commodities, our clients trust us to create packaging that is safe, reliable, and specific for the products they package and bring to the market.

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Grain & Flour

Nobody likes rancid grains or flour. That is why maintaining freshness and quality through a reliable package is a must, no matter where they're sent.

Dairy Powders

Keeping dairy powders protected from moisture and foreign material is paramount.  Our BBOM bags are capable of keeping sensitive products sealed in any environment. 

Feed & Seed

Animals eat, a lot. Large-filled bags that are puncture and tear resistant will allow you to keep your animal feed safely packaged with no spoilage.

Ingredients &

Ingredients and Seasonings bring flavor to any food. Bags that lock in the smell and taste will keep food fresh and tasting great, wherever it is made. 

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Rice, Salt, Sugar

Sift and leak proof seals on our bags will keep every amount of rice, sugar, and salt contained in its package until it reaches its destination. 

Black Soil
Lawn & Garden

Having tough, durable bags that can stand up to unpredictable weather elements means leaky sheds or harsh climates won't be able to stop you from getting work done in the field. 


Many rely on medicine. Using substrates that meet all the regulations for safely packaging and transporting highly sensitive compounds is essential within pharmaceuticals.

Industrials & Chemicals

You shouldn't need to worry about your chemicals reacting with foreign contaminants. Having durable bags that keep the chemicals secure and isolated is vital.

You're one click away from taking your packaging to the next level.
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