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Who We Are

Our Company

Our Company: Welcome

Our history is our people

For more than 35 years and two generations, Standard Bag has been a family run business since 1985. We are bagmakers at heart, specializing in custom manufacturing of multiwall paper  and wovenpoly packaging. None of what we do can be accomplished without our team of dedicated individuals. Creating opportunities through diversity lays the foundation of our guiding principles and reflects our history of those people who have helped build our company and community. Our mission is to create superior products and experiences through our team for our customers; it guides the way we work every single day.​

Setting Standards

We have long prided our ability to compete with our ability to stay nimble and flexible in a competitive market. Embedded in our DNA is a relentless fire to push the envelope, to ask the tough questions, and to go the extra mile to provide outstanding service while we out-perform the competition with the singular focus of keeping our customers competitive within their own markets. We strive to set the industry standard of quality, expertise, service, and customization – we call this the Standard Way.​

Beaverton, Oregon

Where we are

Standard Bag has grown with its customers into two manufacturing facilities, earning its reputation as the premier manufacturer in specialty and custom packaging. Our facility footprint allows us to conveniently supply and service customers who similarly have nationwide plants.​

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Lubbock, Texas

Our commitment

Each of our facilities are certified by the American Institute for Baking (AIB). Our Safety & Quality assurance teams across both plants are highly trained on the internal and external food safety regulations that our customers must follow. In addition, Standard Bag is a member of the Paper Shipping Sack Manufacturers’ Association (PSSMA) and certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

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