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Entry Level Position 

Job Type: Full-time

Entry level position with opportunities to advance to Assistant Operator and/or Operator. 


Description and Duties: 

  • Grab bundles of bags from production table shuffle, sort, inspect 

  • Stack bundles on pallet after counting the correct amount of bags per bundle 

  • Lift the bundle from the table set down at floor level and properly stack the bags 

  • Arrange stack of bags by bundle from the floor up to the correct number of bundles and layers to achieve the total number of bags per pallet indicated on the order 

  • Weigh and record the waste at the end of the shift by placing rejected bags on the scale and recording the waste 



  • Able to read and write English 

  • Able to count and do simple math 

  • Able to stand and walk for 9 hours a day 

  • Able to lift bundles of 3-15 Lbs. continuously all day 


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